Getting home from a long day only to realise your hot water is running cold can be more than a little frustrating and we understand you’ll want to get things back up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful checklist to help you identify any minor issues that could be causing the problem that you can fix yourself. If after carrying out these checks you’re still having problems give us a call on 0117 203 4422 and we’ll get an engineer out at your earliest convenience to fix the problem.

1. Is the boiler working correctly?

The first thing to check is if your boiler is working correctly. The first sign that there is a problem will usually be on your boilers display, if it has changed colour or there is an error code there will be a problem.
Error codes can be found in the boilers manual, sometimes it can be an easy fix with a simple boiler re-set doing the job whilst others will need a gas safe registered engineer to look at them. Give us a call on 0117 203 4422 we will be happy to diagnose the problem for you.

2. Is the power on?

If your other gas and electrical appliances are working but your boiler isn’t there could be a problem with the power supply. Check your fuse box to make sure a switch hasn’t tripped and cut the power to your boiler.

3. Check the thermostat

It’s very easy to accidentally turn down or turn off the settings on your thermostat by knocking or moving it. Check the water temperature on your thermostat is high enough. If you’re not getting any reading on the thermostat check the batteries are working.

4. Check the water pressure level

Low pressure can cause a variety of heating issues, check the pressure gauge on your boiler is not too low your manufacturers manual will give you instructions on the correct pressure levels for your boiler and how to top it up. Alternatively you can give Davidsons a call 0117 203 4422 we will be happy to help you with this.

5. Check the pilot light

Your pilot light should be a crisp blue colour, if it has gone out try relighting it following your manufacture guide. If it appears to be yellow or orange you will need to call a gas safe engineer straight away to get it checked. A yellow or orange flame means your boiler is faulty. You can give Davidsons a call on 0117 203 4422 we will be happy to help.

6. Check the clock & timer

Don’t forget to check the clock & timer on your boiler. Power cuts, clocks changing & accidental knocks can interfere with the settings on your boiler. Check yours is set for the hot water to come on at the correct time and adjust if not. Your boiler manual will have instructions on how to reset the timer.

7. LRe-set the boiler

Sometimes our boilers need to be re-set every now and again for many different reasons. If your boiler has a customer operated re-set switch then try using it to re-set the boiler to your manufacturers guide. This may just resolve the problem. You could also try switching the power to the boiler on & off again. If your re-set switch is not visible it may be under the boiler casing and will need to be re-set by a gas safe registered engineer.

8. Are your pipes frozen?

If its cold outside your pipes can freeze causing problems with your hot water. The most common pipe to freeze is the condensate pipe outside. If this is frozen you can unfreeze it by pouring hot (but not boiling) water over it or placing a hot water bottle on top of it.

Call an engineer

If you have completed all of the above checks and you still have no hot water you will need to call out a gas safe registered engineer to investigate the problem further. You can give Davidsons Plumbing & Heating a call on 0117 203 4422 we will be happy to send out an engineer at a time and date the suits you. Alternatively you can fill the book an engineer visit form below:

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