1. Paint

A fresh lick of paint can really go a long way! Refreshing the paintwork or changing it to a different colour can give the room a whole new look.

2. Tiles

Changing or adding tiles to a bathroom can have a drastic effect on your bathroom. You could also paint over your current bathroom tiles; just ensure you buy the correct paint!

3. Accessories

there are so many different types of accessories you could add to your bathroom to drastically change the appearance. Here are just a few –
• New shower curtain – Shower curtains can get dirty and dull quickly! Add a new curtain will give an instant update! Add a colourful curtain for an instant impact or choose a neutral option that’ll let the other standout features in your room shine!
• Mirror – It’s every interior designer’s go-to and get the biggest mirror your space can handle! Mirrors can give the feeling of more space and add even more light to a room – instantly giving a fresher feeling to your bathroom!
• Towels -Add bursts of colour to the room by adding towels, toothbrush holders, storage baskets, etc.
• Artwork/pictures – Adding artwork/ pictures to a room is a quick and cheap idea for an instant room revamp! Want to save even more money?… why not repurpose pictures you’re not using?

4. Clean & regrout

Give your bathroom a deep clean! Removing grime, mould or limescale can make your bathroom look brand new! Want to update your bathroom tiles for free then grab a toothbrush & a good cleaner (for a natural cleaner, just mix baking soda & vinegar together) and scrub away. By getting rid of dirt and debris in between your grout, you’ll instantly brighten up your bathroom walls.
You can also use a grout pen to freshen your tiles up!

5. New lighting

Adding new lights can really brighten up your bathroom. You could also buy mirrors with LED lighting to give your bathroom a new and modern look.

6. Replacing out-of-date parts

Updating parts such as shower heads, taps & toilet seats etc can be a great way to give your bathroom an instant makeover.

7. Shelving & Storage

If you have a large bathroom, adding storage can change the appearance of bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom – add open wall shelves so the room looks less cramped but a great way to store your essentials.

8. Flooring

• Floor Paint – One of the cheapest and easiest DIY options is painting your old floor tiles. You can even add a floor stencil design to your painted tile!
• Vinyl flooring- this is becoming increasingly popular for a budget-friendly bathroom flooring. Composed of synthetic materials, it’s resilient and resistant to water damage. There are lots of patterns/ colours to choose from, so you really can give your bathroom a whole new look!
• Luxury vinyl tiling (or LVT) which is a thicker form of vinyl, is generally installed as planks that join together and is one of the best water-resistant budget bathroom ideas to consider. These floors are luxurious in appearance but cost a fraction of what natural stone or hardwood flooring costs. Of all the common flooring choices, vinyl is the most resistant to water.

9. Create a tropical oasis

Bring the outdoors in! Indoor plants make spaces look attractive, alive, and can create a certain expression. Indoor plants can also have a role on your overall health; they help purify the air you breathe in, they increase the humidity and decrease dust in the environment helping to fight colds and much more.
You can style your plants in plant pots, macrame hangers, plant shelves, living walls etc. If your bathroom is windowless or the upkeep of a plant is too much, there are so many amazing-looking fake plants.

10. Upcycle furniture

If you have old furniture in your bathroom or stored away, why not give them a makeover?
If you haven’t got vanity units and want to save money, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, charity shops, etc are great ways to find furniture to upcycle.