10 top tips for planning the perfect bathroom!

After the kitchen the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house when it comes to the resale value. The bathroom provides us with a precious space to make the most of our downtime! Coming home to a relaxing bath after a long day is one of the perfect ways to relax and unwind.

Beginning a bathroom project can be daunting, but careful planning from the start is the best way to ensure you get everything you want and need in the space you have available.

1. Define a budget

Firstly you need to think about how much you want to spend, it doesn’t have to cost thousands to get a luxury spa feel. A budget will define the rest of your project and help you prioritize where you want to spend and where you want to save. Investing in one luxury item such as a freestanding bath can look great against more budget friendly backdrops. Remember to budget for more practical items as well i.e an unvented cylinder if more than one hot outlet is required (multiple showers/baths).

Davidsons are happy to help you with the costing of items and can show you the best way to spend your money. Contact us on 0117 203 4422 with what you had in mind and we can recommend the best products to use to suit your budget and plans.

free standing bath in newly renovated bathroom with light streaming through velux window

2. Think about your bathroom needs

Begin by thinking about the key items you really need in your bathroom, are you after a practical family friendly bathroom or one with a spa style sanctuary feel. Do you need a separate bath and shower? How much storage will you need? Remember to prioritize what you really need in your bathroom over what you want.

3. Plan a bathroom layout

If your bathroom layout already works well for you, don’t change it just for the sake of it. Keeping your original layout can work out as a much cheaper option as you will not have to move all of the waste & water pipes. Instead, replacing the sanitary ware and fixings can give your bathroom the refresh and relaxing feel you’re after.

If your layout isn’t quite right, Davidsons are more than happy to help you with this, simply give us a call on 0117 203 4422 and we can come out to your property. We can help give you ideas, layout options and provide CAD drawings for this.

4. Get inspiration

Choosing the style you want early on will really help narrow down the choice of fixtures and fittings to consider. Need inspiration? Why not try tapping in ‘bathroom styles’ into Pinterest or flicking through some home magazines tearing out the styles you like to gather a visual list of what you want. You can also follow Davidsons on social media @davidsonsplumbing&heating we are always adding great bathroom designs we have installed. The main styles options are period style, classic or a contemporary look.

5. Be realistic with the space you have available

Don’t try and cram everything into a space where it just won’t fit. It’ll end up looking cluttered and the space won’t work. Being realistic about what you can have in the space you have available from the start will stop you feeling disappointed later down the line.

6. Think about ventilation

Ventilation in a bathroom is very important but a lot of people overlook it. Condensation can damage wooden furniture and leave mould around the shower and walls. Just opening a window is not enough. There are many different ways to incorporate ventilation such as a roof light or extraction fans. If you need more information on the types of ventilation to consider, give us a call on 0117 203 4422 we will be happy to discuss this with you.

7. Don’t forget storage

Storage is key to designing a dynamic uncluttered bathroom. A small shelf above the mirror is not going to cut it. Toiletries never look good on display so think about where you are going to put all of your products and also your cleaning products!
A cupboard or mirrored wall unit is something you’ll need to factor in or you’ll constantly be knocking over toiletries and searching for somewhere to put your razor!

8. Consider your lighting

It’s important to consider what type of lighting you’d like when you design your bathroom. Do you prefer a dimly lit bathroom that you can relax in? or a brighter room? Maybe you’d like the option of both? Then choosing a light with different levels of light would suffice. Some lighting can also be motion censored meaning you don’t have to turn the light on, particularly useful when using the bathroom in the middle of the night.

9. What is your colour?

The colour you choose for your bathroom can set the mood in the same way as lighting, so it’s important to think about how you want your bathroom to feel. If your aiming for a spa style relaxing bathroom, consider using warmer colours like reds, purples or browns. If you’re looking for something much fresher and brighter consider crisp white decor with pale blues or yellows.

10. The right flooring

The flooring in your bathroom will need to be anti-slip and waterproof. That’s why many people opt for tiles. Also think about underfloor heating, give us a call on 0117 203 4422 we will be happy to discuss this with you and offer a quotation.

You can call Davidsons on 0117 203 4422 to discuss any of your bathrooms needs, we will be happy to help and can offer a time slot for one of our engineers to come out and view your space and talk through the best options for you.

What our clients say

Can’t recommend Davidson’s highly enough. Brilliant service, customer care, skills and finished bathroom. Super professional and lovely guys to have around doing the work. Really happy and will definitely be booking future jobs. Thank you, Ross and all the team x

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"Firstly great service and price when thermostat and controller was installed on my boiler. Plumber was extremely helpful and ran through the various functions that are now available!! Recommend to anyone."

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Davidson’s delivered again! Thank you all for sorting out our underfloor heating. The whole team were excellent with Ellie tracking down the much needed part and Steve fitting. Excellent service, friendly, reliable and trust worthy. Thank you

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When the boiler in our home failed, we were recommend to try Davidson’s over one of the big multinational companies such as British Gas. Opting for Davidson’s was the best decision we could have made. The service was fantastic from start to finish, with a great price and quality. "

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Excellent service all round. I called Davidsons with a problem that I thought would be difficult to solve. They were out very promptly. Their engineer assessed the issue with clear expertise and then resolved the problem with minimum fuss. I can't recommend these guys enough.

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